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World Combat Games 2013 ~ Aikido Section

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The 2013 World Combat Games were held in St. Petersburg, Russia.  

Aikido had a 1 hour and 40 minute demonstration.  Professionally filmed, and commentated, and with representatives, from various dojos, and organizations across the globe, this is one of the more exhaustive aikido demonstrations available on the web.

In terms of video format, every demo team from each nation was given a single attack to demonstrate (eg:  jacket grab, or 2 hand grip from the rear, etc.).  Then they demonstrated as many techniques as they could within their allotted time constraints.  The results was a ton of creativity, and cleverness, as the easy applications are quickly exhausted.   

If you’re feeling a little stale in your applications, this video is just what you need.  Watch it once a week, for a year, and you’ll see something different every time.  I guarantee it, or we’ll refund your subscription fee.

See something particularly cool?  Share it in the comments section below!

Sensei John Carter was not featured at the 2013 World Combat Games ~~~ Though he should have been.

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