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Aikido in Post War Chitose

Stanley Pranin interviews Hiroshi Isoyama about the Aikido Club he ran in Chitose Hokkaido beginning in 1958 ~ which was attended mostly by American Servicemen.  

A Study in Aikido Style

A Breakdown of the Unique Elements of Steven Seagal’s aikido

Hokkaido 2020

My Proposal to Re-launch a Nihon Goshin Aikido Dojo in Chitose, Hokkaido Japan by the year 2020

Parallel Aikido Genealogy

When they say Nihon Goshin Aikido is rooted in the Samurai arts, they are not kidding.

Articles of General Interest

New:  The Three Bad Guy Templates

Is All Bad Aikido Really That Bad?

3 Essential Grappling Techniques for All Aikido Students

The Top 5 Aikido Floors I’ve Trained On and the Dojos Who Made Them

The Waning Popularity Of Ueshiba’s Aikido ~

Hokkaido 2020:  My Proposal to Re-launch a Nihon Goshin Aikido Dojo in Chitose, Hokkaido Japan

The Fight I Wish I Had Finished

So You Want to Start Your Own Nihon Goshin Aikido Dojo?  Do’s and Don’ts

So You’re Testing for


Training Pedagogy:  Finding Undiscovered Truth in Monotonous Repetition

Ukemi Nage: Leveraging Warm Ups to Maximize Training

How to Grow the Art? Multiplication Via Dojo Growth

The Tenshin Movement ~ The Lazy Man’s Way to Destroy Uke’s  Balance

Training Progressions ~ Ideas to Maximize Training Time

The Pace of Play ~ Ideas to Maximize Training Time

The Push Up ~ A Necessary Function

2013 World Combat Games ~ Professionally Filmed and Commentated 90 minute Aikido Demonstration

Blending with a Realistic Attack

Finding Shikaku for kuzushi:  Establishing a Position in Uke’s Blind Spot or Dead Angle to Easily Unbalance Him

Randori Training:  Offer a Big, Clear Target to Uke

Martial Arts Goal Setting ~ A Tutorial

Aikido Versus Brand X:  Why Controlled Fight Simulations Are So Important

Realism In Training by Gary Boaz

The Hakama ~ Marketing Savy

Pictures of 1960s Kuma Station ~ where Mr. Bowe was stationed.

Randori Training:  What Do You Do When It Goes South?

The Weakness Myth:  Why Failing to Train Strength Could Get You Killed

My First Foray Into Teaching Nihon Goshin Aikido

How to Start Your Own NGA Study Group!

What is a (B) Kata?  Answer: “Classical Technique” by Another Name

Understanding the Language Barrier ~ The Reason We Do Not Use Japanese Terminology

The Emergence of Soft Ukemi:  A new style of ukemi developed by Donavan Waite, Shihan (Aikikai), is helping an entire new generation meet the mat in a gentler fashion.

Interviews of  Prominent NGA Practitioners

An Interview with Jim Giorgi, Fort Lauderdale, FL

An Interview with Joe Beckham, Greenville, SC

An Interview with John Carter, Lexington, SC

An Interview with Raliegh, NC NGA Study Group Leader, Sensei James Durand

An Interview with Bryan Winfree Irmo, SC

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2014 - 2021

The Best Aikido Documentary ~ ‘The Path Beyond Thought’  ~ By Steven Seagal

Nihon Goshin Aikido:  Taking Our Training to the Street

An Akkikai Student Visits a Nihon Goshin Aikido Dojo in Queens, NY

Techniques and Their Japanese Equivalent Names (Traditional Aikido and Daityo-ryu)

The Irimi Movement ~ A Study In Centralized Destruction

Three Fall Seminars ~ A Survey of Kuzushi

The Primary NGA Stances and Movements

Why Shizentai? Why NGA begins all of their techniques in a flat stance?

The Nihon Goshin Aikido Classical Stances

Ukemi Thoughts:  A List of Falls and a Proposal for When to Learn Them

Why We Want to Fight Standing

How Do You Remember The Classical Techniques & Their Associated Belts?

More Articles Here

Testing for Sho-Dan

If you want to wear the hakama, you’ve got to be the hakama.  Exhaustive Discussion on Preparing for your Sho-Dan test ~ or any of your Nihon Goshin Aikido tests.

Testing for Rank Home

Real Street Fight Break Downs

An analysis of real fights ~ focusing on street based attacks, aikido movements, and aikido techniques in real street fights.