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Applications for The Cross Arms Throw

Saito Sensei

Two hand grip from the rear is first.  It is explained in the same fashion and detail we would cover in our Classical Technique.  He then covers a 1 handed jacket grab, Muggers Grip with one arm trapped, and how to initiate sooner when both hands are gripped from the rear.  

I suspect Saito Sensei and Master Morita probably had a lot in common ~ regarding “how” they covered material.

We call it the Cross Arms Throw.  The Japanese term for the technique which is used in Ueshiba's brand of aikido could be called Juji nage.

Do You have a Favorite Cross Arms Throw Application Not Listed Above?

Please post it in the comments section below.

Iwama ryu Aikido

Jacket grab, and shomenuchi.  Nage does not let go.  A couple of other observations:  Very tiny dojo.  No Mats.  “HAH! HEE! HO!” ~ combined with the music ~  makes me laugh for some reason. Socks?

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