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Nihon Goshin Aikido Classical Stances

1.  Hamni Stance:  Visualize as a "Capital L stance." Feet are shoulder width apart knees bent over each ankle.  The upper torso is as forward over the front foot as possible.  The back is straight, and the head up.  The logic of the hamni is like a high low machine, so your projection of weight is up and down.

2.  Extended Hamni:  This is still a Capital L stance, but it is lengthened (to create the ultimate 'back and forth' movement).  Like the Hamni, Nage's weight is still centered over his front foot, but the distance between both feet is longer.  The back knee is locked out, but the heel of the back foot is still on the ground.  Back is straight, and head is up.

3.  Front Stance:  Feet are shoulder width apart, with one foot set slightly behind the other with the toes of both feet facing forward.  The knee of the trail foot is locked.  The range between feet are as follows:  Shallow:  Heel of one foot is even with the toes of the other, or Deep:  a foot space between the front and back.  Anything in between these ranges is also acceptable as long as the student is comfortable.   Hands are held at belt to complete the position.

4.  Jigotai: Horse Stance:  Feet are a little wider than shoulder width apart, with toes facing forward, knees bent, back straight, and weight dropped slightly.

5.  Shizentai:  Squared Off Stance:  Referring to the starting positional relationship between Uke and Nage in the (B) Kata.  Both partners face one another with toes lined up, and about an arm length in between them.  This is the common starting point for most classical techniques, but not necessarily the starting point for applications.

A general rule of thumb worth considering ~~~~~  Aikido has a solid connection to the ground.  Maintaining a low center ~ to improve your balance ~ during techniques is a constant exercise.  When you think you are “low enough,” drop your center another inch or two, and then you will not be far from the correct position.

Is that ai-hamni under that Hakama?

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