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The Punches in Nihon Goshin Aikido

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2014 - 2021

Study Group Leaders Can Access Video Information On All of the Attacker Behaviors ~ presented in Belt Order through the Student Resources Section on Sensei John Carter’s dojo website  Please contact him directly to receive your user name and password for access.

The Punches in Nihon Goshin Aikido:

  1. Shomenuchi – Overhand strike to the head
  2. Yokomenuchi – Diagonal temple strike
  3. Yoko uchi – Roundhouse punch
  4. Gyaku Yokomenuchi – Backhand strike to the side of the head
  5. Mune Tsuki – Straight punch to stomach or solar plexus
  6. Jodan Zuki –  Upper cut
  7. Men Uchi – Straight punch to the head
  8. Chudan Tsuki – Straight punch to chest area