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Okay ~~~ So, you’re testing for rank.  Great!  Truth be told, you would not be testing for that rank if your Sensei did not already see you in that rank.  Along those lines, in some respects testing is a formality ~ as you would not be testing if your Sensei expected you to fail.  Still, one should not become complacent in your test preparation or the test itself.

The test in fact isn’t altogether for you.  It should be a learning experience for everyone.  You want everyone in the dojo to say, “Now that was a good test.”

So, in an attempt to help you prepare, I’ve included several articles on my experiences during the test prep process, as well as the experiences of others.

Inside these pages you’ll find everything from breathing concepts, general concept driven thoughts related to Classical Techniques, controlling nage’s work rate during the test, managing uke’s ukemi for maximum safety, handling weapons properly, reading attacker’s tells, breaking performance ruts (eg:  you’ve done 5 Arm Bars in a row, and want to stop doing Arm Bars), movement principles, strategic positioning relative to uke, randori strategies, etc.  

Make sure you check back often, as we hope to load this page up with countless pearls of wisdom.  Also, feel free to offer up your own experiences.

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Proper Composure for Every Type of Attacker

The Sho-Dan Rank and its relationship to future training

How to Control the Pace of the Test and Stay Fresh!

Movement Essentials

Handling Weapons

Atemi:  How Much, How Often?

Breaking Out of Ruts ~ Creating Variety

Gun Defenses

The Secret to Smoothness:  Effective Blending

Attack Line/ Self Defense Line Examples

Effortless Aikido = Great Aikido

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How to be A Good Uke in the Attack Line

Randori Strategies when gripped by Multiple Attackers

Using Cross Blocks: andori trategies Against Double Round House Punches from Two Attackers

Randori Strategies against double knives

Upon receiving the Nihon Goshin Aikido black belt, I believe that in some way, we become sons or daughters of Master Morita, and Master Nara.