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Here is a list of all of the available media resources I’m aware of.  If you know of others and where they may be purchased (for example “Aikido: From Scratch to Perfection”, by Robert MacEwen, please let me know).

Nihon Goshin Aikido

By Jeffrey Dutton

Covers ALL 50 Classical Techniques.  Contains complete NGA Official Curriculum (including warm-up and kids curriculum).  Pictures are solid.  The best reference on the art so far.  Must Have!

Integral Aikido

By Jim Giorgi

Addresses many interesting aspects of the art. Very funny at times.  Covers many of the classical  techniques but not all.  Very good photography.

Black Belt Master Course

By Walter Kopitov

The first book on the art of NGA.  It is out of print, and sort of has a cult following.  Covers all 50 Classical Techniques.  Get it if you can find it.

Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere

Buy this book for the drawings ~ which are exceptional.  The book will take you from  Classical Technique to powerful  and realistic Aikido Applications.  Uses Japanese terminology, but still a must have!

Kodokan Judo

By Jigoro Kano

Shodo Morita was also a judo practitioner.  You will recognize several of the Classical Techniques discussed in this book, as they are of Judo origin.  The careful reader will also note similar starting relationships between uke and nage.  A nice addition.


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50 Classical Techniques on DVD

Mr. Steven Weber’s 5 disk DVD series details the finer points of every Classical Technique in belt order.  He also addresses stances, philosophies, etc.  Uke is Mr. John Carter.  Very good demonstrations. Essential Training Material.

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Seagal’s Aikido Documentary

By Steven Seagal

Obviously not a member of our organization, but I think this documentary should be required viewing at least once a year.  The first few times I watched, I was all into the way he was doing the Spin Around.  Then I started noticing how often he uses the Lift Up  especially in Randori situations.  A year later, I was intrigued by his posture ~ (see picture to left), Now I’m studying his ‘micro’ blending, and how well he holds the line. Very Good.

Uras & Reversals  ~ DVD

An in depth look at URA (Reversal/Counter moves) to the techniques that encompass the first set of Classical Techniques. The teaching methodology not only shows a number of Uras to each individual techniques but also teaches you how to find your "own."

Applications  ~ DVDs

An in depth look at typical NGA applications.  Very helpful for any person preparing for a belt test, or someone who wants to grow their list of possibilities. The teaching methodology not only shows several applications  to each individual techniques but also teaches you how to find your "own."

Aikido Applications ~ on DVD

Mr. Robert MacEwen’s “Dynamic Aikido” is an applications focused, 8-disk DVD series.  Topics include:  Speed Enhancements, Knife Defenses,  Reversals, Defenses Against Chokes and Holds from the Rear, Unbalancing, Technique Transitions, & Ki Training Exercises.

Nihon Goshin Aikido Demo

By Robert MacEwen, Jr.

Obviously a bit dated, but this demonstration is one of the most powerful demonstrations of our art on youtube.  I think this demonstration should be required viewing at least once every 6 months.  Very Good & FREE!