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When I was a college soccer coach, one of the best passive recruiting tools was to equip my existing players with mountains of “XYZ College Soccer” t-shirts, hats, sweat shirts, backpacks, etc.  If it could be worn or carried, they had it with an “XYZ College Soccer” logo on it  Then, when the kids went back home for Christmas break, they were walking billboards for our soccer program.  This proved to be an incredibly useful marketing tool, that helped me many times on the recruiting trail.  I think it works here also.  Now about the list of stores below:  There are many different stores represented here, and most of them have nothing to do with our particular brand.  That said, please keep in mind that the key word to start a conversation with someone who sees your t-shirt and asks about it is “Aikido” (not “Nihon Goshin”).  As we are interested in starting a discussion about the art we study, we will list anything with “Aikido” in the title ~ and let you explain the parallel history of NGA with your friend at a later date.


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Designed a cool NGA dojo t-shirt?  Please let us know, and we’ll link to it here.  My goal is to eventually  have a t-shirt that represents every NGA dojo.  Email it to me!

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