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Applications for Balance Breaking

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If you do not take uke’s balance, you will be forced to “muscle” the technique ~ or utilize pain to force uke’s compliance.

Think about your lesson on the Unbendable Arm.  Remember what you were told when you learned it?  “If you do it correctly, it doesn’t feel like you’ve done anything.”  All or our aikido studies should be like that.

2014 - 2021

V. Richarde

Mostly reactions to grips. This is one of Dan Angier’s students.

The minute you tense up, things begin to go south with aikido.  Stay relaxed, focus on off balancing uke, and powerful technique will fall into your lap.

Do You have a Favorite Balance Breaking Exercise or Light Touch Exercise that you’d like to see listed?

Please post it in the comments section below.

Rather than focus on a particular type of attack, this video is devoted solely to a specific movement ~ the Tenshin movement ~ which is a movement “back and off line.”  You see the movement very clearly @ 6-8 seconds (in response to uke’s attack), and then various techniques are performed from differing attacks ~ with the same “Tenshin” movement happening over and over again throughout the video.  Note how easily this movement off balances uke is throughout the attacking sequences. Tenshin is a very powerful balance breaking aikido movement.

Watch this video first.  This is Mitsugi Saotome.  Here he explores ways to unbalance uke attack by attack.  

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