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Nihon Goshin

Aikido Federation

Member Dojos

Tuscon, AZ

Federation HeadQuarters

Mr. Steven A. Weber

New Port Richey, FL

Mr. Elliot Schwartz


Tarpon Springs, FL

Mr. Chris Levintis

(727) 808-9911

Shelby, NC

Mr. John Pribble

Aikido Academy of NC

(704) 477-7256

Greer, SC

Mr. Daniel Rester

(864) 381-0273

Nihon Goshin Aikido Yudansha-Kai

Member Dojos

Irmo, SC

Mr. Bryan Winfree

(803) 546-6079

Greenville, SC

Mr. Joe Beckham

(864) 270-2919

Lexington, SC

Mr. John Carter

(803) 546-6079

Spartanburg, SC

Mr. John Wyndham

(864) 595-9555

Platte City, MO

Mr. David Johnson

(913) 777-1916


Nihon Goshin

Aikido Dojos

Hendersonville, NC

Mr. Gerry Seymour

(864) 316-3215


Mr. Rick Jones

(732) 503-9291

Queens, NY

Mr. Robert Waltzer

(718) 224-7702

Lynnwood, WA

Mr. Will Holloway

(425) 774-0915

*  Essentially all Nihon Goshin Aikido dojos and study groups operate outside of the jurisdiction of a technical advisory/ or oversight arrangement.

We recommend all students and Senseis study the published materials on our art ~~~ a full list is available at our Nihon Goshin Aikido store.

Nihon Goshin

Aikido Study Groups

United States:

Voluntown, CT

Mike Hoeing

(860) 884-5541

North Central, CT

& Western MA

Mike Murphy

Raliegh, NC

James Durand

We want to add Nihon Goshin Aikido Study Groups.  In my mind the study group is where the art has the potential to grow the quickest, as overhead is low to non-existent, and dues/ tuition to offset overhead are therefore unnecessary.

Find out how to begin your own NGA Study Group by clicking here.

Originally, there was a single dojo in Japan run by Shodo Morita.  Now there are no known NGA dojos running in Japan, but there are many dojos and study groups in the United States.  

While most dojos are affiliated with the Nihon Goshin Aikido Association through Mr. Bowe, (the original association), other dojos have formed their own associations, or operate as independent dojos teaching Nihon Goshin Aikido.

Our stance on affiliations follows:  We believe that the most important aspect of our art is not our affiliations but our common love of the art itself.  In our mind, the most important thing is that Shodo Morita’s art grows.

Dojo and Study Group Listings

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Nihon Goshin

Aikido Association Member Dojos

Pawcatuck, CT

Mr. Frank Guilliani

(860) 235-3419

West Hartford, CT

Mr. Michael Murphy

(413) 272-8372

Oviedo, FL  

Mr. Todd Gonzales

(210) 845-6145

Covington, GA

Mr. Michael A. Stabile

(770) 602-2811

Monroe, GA

Ms. Jamie Sills

(678) 447-1316

Port Allen, LA

Mr. Troy Anthony Maranto

(255) 749-8623

Lumberton, NC

Mr. Rick McCraw

(910) 918-2283

Nutley, NJ

Mr. Djeams Muse

(973) 369-6961

Stanhope, NJ

Mr. Richard Bowe

Wayne, NJ

Mr. Joseph A. Sidoti

(973) 304-1740

Albuquerque, NM

Andrew Frye

Phone: (505) 980-9313

Walden, NY

Mr. Ken Bock


Washingtonville, NY

Mr. Henry Dominquez


Dolgeville, NY

Mr. Jon C. Nellis

(315) 429-3176

Kenmore, NY

Mr. Raymond Andrew

(716) 876-8536

Middletown, NY

(Associaton Headquaters)

Mr. Robert MacEwen

(845) 343-2070

Port Jervis, NY

Mr. Thomas Hamilton

(845) 283-6268

Pine Bush, NY

Mr. Nicholas G. Licata

(845) 283-8058

Poughkeepsie, NY

Mr. Earl Layumas

(845) 797-5584

Watertown, NY

Mr. Andrew Fyles

Phone: (315) 786-1314

Columbia, SC

Mr. Jonathan Wilson

(803) 315-5850

Westerly, RI

Mr. Frank Guilliani

(860) 235-3419

Bellevue, WA

Mr. David Morris

(206) 999-1861

Del Mar, NY

Mr. Rick Wolslayer

(518) 439-7939