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This page exists for the cataloging of our art across the country.  Please submit your photos and videos so we can all learn ~ and be a part of the broader Nihon Goshin Aikido Community.

Submit your pictures and video here (Students & Senseis are Welcome To Submit)!

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Mr. Bowe in August 1974.

Uke is Jose Garrido.

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The demonstration in the video above was conducted by Shihan Richard Bowe, and many of his highest ranking black-belt instructors.  Video was shot some time in the early 80's. The video was shared with Sensei Jim Giorgi by Sensei Jose del Cristo Garrido, the attacker in the hooded knife attack sequence.

This video marks the the only time I have seen Shihan Bowe in action, so it is especially meaningful.  Join me in thanking both Senseis Garrido and Giorgi for sharing the video with a larger audience.  

Make sure you read this before submitting your videos and pictures:

If you share videos, just send the link, and we will embed the video here.  

Sending the actual file to share pictures is completely fine.  

All files (video or still pictures) should include the location, the date (approximate is fine) and the names of those people in the file.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to own your own dojo or be a black belt to post.  The purpose here is to unite the NGA community.  No one is going to offer critiques that are not asked for (and if asked for, they will be positive).

We are all learning here!

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