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Real Fight Breakdowns

The worst enemy of all budoka is Self-deception. And following that: Mutual deception. A plight so easy to fall into, and so very dangerous.  Do you know what a fight actually looks like?  

One of the things I’ve consistently noticed is that it is hard for many people to play the bad guy in training.  In open/ cooperative training uke’s simply refuse to attempt to track nage, attack with intention, or recover.  Others still do not know where to look during a physical altercation.

With the idea of working to get better at realistic open training (not on Classical Techniques mind you), but applications off of sincere attacks, I thought it might be a good idea to look at some real fight videos.  Caught on cell phones and posted on, there are some surprising insights you can gain by watching.

By the way, in most of these videos, the public simply stands by.  Note.  If you are attacked, you are most likely on your own.th3

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Real Fight Breakdowns

2014 - 2021

Someone Do Something!  Jets Fan Throws a Haymaker

Subway Series:  Elbow Chop Destroys Punk

Turkish Randori (1 versus 4)

British Holligan Beat Down from a dan graded aikidoka (Warning there is bad language in this one)

Boxing Versus Aikido

Bouncer Versus Thug ~ Extremely Violent Gun Take-Away

Unbendable Arm Smack Down

Defending With Chokes ~ Similar to balance breaking, stopping blood flow will end uke’s marital ability to strike in a hurry.

When Batman Attacks ~ Headlock Counters

The Thinking Man’s Defensive Posture ~ Epic

Spin Around Smack Down:  Policeman Executes a Dynamic Spin Around

Momma Needs A Time Out!  Muggers Throw Mayhem!

Pipe-Maggedon!  How Many Times Can You Get Hit With a Pipe and Not Get Knocked Out?

“Pavement, This is Chin Coming In For A Hard Landing.”

Side Mount Submission City ~ If You Know Them

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