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New York Jet’s Fan Throws A Haymaker

A real fight to study!

The video joins in after a bit of grappling.

A Jets fan (wearing a jersey with the number "80" on it) is pulled off the pile. A curly headed blonde haired woman follows him (wearing a red & white shirt). If you stop the video at 12 seconds, the woman is being screened by a man standing in front of the camera with a gray baseball hat on, but the Jet's fan has wound up for a "BIG, and Slow Moving, Round House Punch with his right hand."

In our dojo, this is the attack that everyone doubts they'd actually see on the street because it takes so long to develop (but here it is ~ and deployed by a large man against a woman).

To her credit, the woman appears to get her hands up, but she does not blend with the attack, so the block attempt is overpowered, and you can hear the punch land on the side of her face.

A man wearing a blue shirt then steps in, and delivers another round house punch with his right hand ~ which hits the Jets fan in the left cheek.

Sadly, no further attempts are made by a sizable crowd to control either individual.

I'd be interested in your thoughts/ and ideas that might help the man wearing the blue shirt.  To his credit, he steps in, but too late to protect the woman from harm. Then he fails to subdue to attacker.



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