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Inside Nihon Goshin Aikido ~ #56

5 November 2017

Inside This Edition:

The Halloween Affair

In almost every way, the "stereotype" is frowned upon in our modern, "it is illegal to hurt someone else's feelings" society, and that is a shame, because we have lost out on some great stereotypical based insights as a result.  Consider the Stereotypical characteristics demonstrated by many children who were born last in the order.

If you can find an old book on raising children ~ it will describe the last child in many ways.  "The youngest is the funniest" is somewhat true in our family, as it the "youngest is the one who longs to have his own property."  Our Jackson is that last child and he perfectly aligns to the last child stereotypes.  He makes it a point to announce to everyone, "This is my cup."  "This is my hairbrush."  Sometimes, he can be a little overzealous, if not bossy: "Do not use my toothpaste!"  and the ever famous:  "Who moved my chair?"

Halloween instantly became Jackson's favorite holiday.  "You mean, all I have to do is dress up, and knock on people's doors and they will give me candy that I can keep?"  The notion of "My Own Candy!" What's not to love?  It's the last child's clear eyed utopia.

As to our boy, I've never seen anyone so motivated to Trick or Treat.  The first Halloween of consequence, he trolled through three neighborhoods, and Lexington Baptist Church's Trick or Trunk several times.  His candy bucket probably weighed in at over 7 pounds by the end of the evening.  The kid broke a mighty sweat from his efforts.  He had chosen the Dash from "The Incredibles" as his costume.  At one stop, the home owner asked, "Are you fast?"  He proceeded to demonstrate by doing wind sprints up and down the driveway.  His two older siblings didn't put in a fraction of the effort into their costumes, or in going door to door to solicit treats.  Predictably, they earned barely a fraction of the candy Jackson earned when the night was over.

When they all got home, we made the mistake of "dividing" the candy equally between those who had not "earned" it, and those who had "earned" it.  "Jackson, there is no way you can ever eat this much candy, so let's give some to Ben and Courtney."  Jackson was understandably furious, and we told him about the importance of "sharing."  Well he'd been forced to share everything his whole life.  This was his one time to actually make his "own" claim to property acquired through his own labor.  An unintentional lesson was taught ~ which modern society has reinforced; namely that "you are not necessarily entitled to all the fruits of your labor."

This was a mistake.  Predictably, in each of the subsequent years, our children have had to split a smaller and smaller treasure trove of goodies for Halloween, because our older children realized they didn't have to put in the work because they were going to get 1/3 of Jackson's labor.  Jackson was not very motivated to go door to door realizing that he would have to visit 3 doors to keep the booty gained from one door.  

Last year, he stashed all of his candy in the chicken coop in an attempt to avoid the family tax.  This year, there is no pumpkin.  There are no costumes.  There are no plans.  No one in our household cares about Halloween any more.  Why?  Well this year, we told them, "Don't worry about trick or treating, we'll just buy everyone a bag of their favorite candy."  Unfortunately, our formerly capitalist children are now wards of the family state, and subsist on Welfare Candy and Welfare Cheese.

This friends is an accurate microcosm of the long term effects of the pull of socialism/ communism.  Why would anyone work if they were denied the fruits of their labors?  This is the downfall of those two "dystopian notions."  

People rail against capitalism because it is "not fair."  They say, "Too many inequalities."  Sure there will be inequalities.  We accept that notion because we understand that, although all men are created with equal opportunity, not all men are created with equal talent or equal motivation.

I was reading the other day that one of the most valuable commodities in socialist Venezuela today is toilet paper.  Apparently, there is a nationwide shortage of it.  They are also advising their citizens to raise their own rabbits for food (because there isn't enough food to eat).  This year, the average Venezuelan has reportedly lost over 20 pounds due to malnutrition/starvation.  It all started when someone promised these people a bag of Halloween candy for free.

Unfortunately, there are people in the United States who want to follow this Venezuelian model.  I these people, I submit, "What better reason to study Aikido than to be able to defend your toilet paper when  the time comes."

Say "Yes!" to Trick or Treat!  Say "No!" to "Spit the Candy up Evenly."  Let's endeavor to keep the fruits of our labor.

Success in Our International Study Groups

Nihon Goshin Aikido staking a claim in Grafenwoehr, Germany.  Last year, an Army Chaplain named Kevin Hovan began teaching Nihon Goshin Aikido to members of the military at his duty station in Grafenwoehr.  

Here is an article from Stars & Stripes that you might find interesting.  Any time Nihon Goshin Aikido gets some nationwide publicity it's a good thing.

Cool Soft Aikido Video to the Left

One of My Articles is Receiving Some Publicity On Another Martial Art's Website

It was recently brought to my attention that an article I wrote titled "Finding Shikaku for Kuzushi:   Establishing a Position in Uke’s Blind Spot or Dead Angle to Easily Unbalance Him" is receiving some publicity from another website.  Rich Hammer found it on the other feed, and forwarded it to me.  I think anytime Nihon Goshin Aikido is referenced it is a good thing, so I have posted the link here.  

Click here to see the link to the aforementioned article in case you missed it the first time around, and wanted to read it.

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Let’s meet together on the Mat ~ and Soon!

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Cool High Soft Ukemi Breakfalls Demonstration in This Video.  

I like the way uke meets the mat with the hand, and then worms his way down with an activated core.

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When a punch is thrown from the ground up, through the hips, through the core and through the shoulder ~ and not with the arms ~ you get unfathomable power.

The Beginning ~~~ The First Halloween of Consequence.

This is Jackson’s pack of Skittles!  Back Off! ~ lol

Now here is a video worth watching.  I am particularly fond of this Geico Commercial.  Too bad they do not perform a “Brokido’ Demonstration.”