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Irimi Tenkan (Enter and Turn)

The central theme of Randori Survival is to Enter, Turn, Apply Technique, and Repeat as necessary.

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Randori ~ The Ultimate Aspiration of the Art

The Aikido based arts are all variations of standing fighting systems

designed to excel against multiple attackers ~ who carried swords.

Doing Randori The NGA  Way

Nihon Goshin Aikido Focuses on Alignment in Multiple Attacker (Randori) Scenarios.  Click Here for a multi part video tutorial.

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Randori Training Mistakes

Learn from the mistakes of those individuals who have come before you ~ so that you do not repeat them also.

It Won’t Go South, Will It?

Survey Says:  “90% of All Fights Go to the Ground.”  You can not always expect to remain standing.  Detailed article of the sited study.

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Timing and Exploiting Angles

Hold the line until you can not hold the line, then blend to create a new angle and a new line, and cut.

Offering A Clear Target

Are you moving too much?  You need to give your opponents a clear target to attempt to strike.

What It “Really” Looks Like

These videos present a clear picture of what an actual randori on the street might look like.  Caught on cell phone cameras or taken from security footage, we take a hard look at what it might look like on the street.

Nihon Goshin Aikido Randori

Here are some examples of what it looks like when we do it.