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Stephan Kesting

Applications for The Scissors Throw

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This is a discussion about how the Scissors has been banned from Judo competitions ~ because it is the most dangerous throw in judo and BJJ.

What is interesting is the Leg Lock pin he incorporates to finish the fight ~ so while it is a sacrificial technique, when combined with a leg lock technique, it will lead to a straight submission on the ground. The leg lock pin is a logical addition in terms of applications to our training.

We call it the Scissors Throw.  The Japanese term for the technique which is used in Judo is “Kani Basami” ~ which loosely translates to “Crab Claws.”  

Yasuhiro Yamashita vs Sumio Endo in the Japanese Judo Open Tournament

This is the Leg break mentioned in the video on top.  Be warned, you can “hear” the leg break on the video (and it is very loud).  It sounds like celery being snapped in half to me.  At any rate a teaching point is that the Scissors must be performed high (at hip level) to be safe.  Note how low Endo enters into the scissors ~ essentially attacking Yamashita’s knee....this is a very dangerous entry point for uke, and we must endeavor to hit uke at hip level when we execute the Scissors technique on anyone.  Also, in randori training, if nage initiates a Scissors Throw, it’s probably best to let him have it....

Do You have a Favorite Scissors Application Not Listed Above?

Please post it in the comments section below.

Here is a nice clip of an entering movement (irimi) off of a straight punch.

This video demonstrates an application from a straight sleeve grab.  The idea is sound, but look how low nage attacks ~~~ you can see uke’s knee buckle @ 7 seconds ~~~~ no damage is done, but it could have been completely avoided by hitting uke hip high.  One other point ~~~` I’ve always wonder about this picture (see right), and what was going to happen next. Perhaps this video provides us with a clue. In the words of Yoda, “Think on these things we must.”

I can’t say for certain, but I have strong reason to believe that a Scissors Application is in Master Nara’s immediate future.

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