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Here is a list of mats, padding, training weapons, etc.

Picture of Shihan Bowe

Every Study Group must have a framed picture of Shihan Bowe located in their study group.  Make sure you bow to his picture before stepping on and stepping off the mat.

Basic Puzzle Mats ~

I believe the Nutley Dojo in NJ uses a double layer of these mats ~ giving 1” of padding.  This is a good solution in a semi permanent area (where you don’t have to put them down and take them up), but they do wear.  Not ideal for grappling arts.

Nicer Puzzle Mats ~

These are designed specifically for grappling, so they will not wear as badly as the Basic Mats.  Still a permanent or semi permanent solution.

Judo Mats

These are the real deal, but as the quality goes up, so does the price.

Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants ~ with a big thick carpet pad underneath can work well.  Make sure you vacuum  them often.  Also, keep in mind that pads of any type when placed over wood or carpet flooring are going to feel softer than the same pad placed on concrete.  Always at a store near you.


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Three Fold Mats

Ideal for situations where laying down a temporary mat, and easy mat storage are both priorities.  I have worked out on some like these.  They’re surprisingly good.  

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Free Mats at the YMCA!

Of course, you don’t have to host your study group in your home.  The YMCA, your local gym, or the church that you attend could all be great places to train ~ using their equipment for little to no cost.  There may be an additional benefit in hosting your study group there because you could advertise to the organization’s membership.