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This Week In Nihon Goshin Aikido ~ #8

May 8, 2014

Greetings Nihon Goshin Aikido Aficionado!

I hope all is well with you at your end of the great blue aikido mat!

Things are dreamy here.  Summer has arrived, finally, and I'm beginning to think of regretting my decision to purchase a heavy weight judo gi top....

After washing it 8 times (and letting it drip dry) according to the manufacturer's instructions, I was anxious to try it out.  After only one training session, I must say that I am “conflicted.”  On the one hand I love the top.  You can't imagine how much better it feels when you're skidding across the ground.  In fact, I'd go as far as saying that when you wear a heavy weight judo gi, you have this feeling that you are taking ukemi inside an airbag.

That said, all that extra padding that makes rolling so much fun comes at a price ~ and that price is SWEAT!  Whew.  Last night at the Irmo dojo I was dripping sweat after the first warm up exercise (jumping jacks).  So, if you're going to step into the airbag-esque comfort of a competition heavy weight, double weave judo top, make sure you stay hydrated.

The Wheel Kick!

The Wheel Kick Works.  Use the strike with a lateral blend against any straight attack ~~~ possibly a straight punch, an attempted 2 Hand Choke or 2 Hand Push.  Evasion is the key though ~ uke must not be allowed to "hook up" before you try to kick him.

As to kicking:  of course no Judo gi in the world is going to save you pain as uke if nage makes hard contact, so stay in control, and re-chamber quickly so you can "get out of Dodge," or transition to another technique.

Other thoughts....  Well, I've concluded that there is no amount of dusting, folding of kids clothes, painting, shrub trimming, driveway and curb edging, yard mowing, rose bush pruning, etc., that will allow a man to 'abandon' his wife and 3 children on Mother's Day to attend an Aikido Seminar in Tampa Florida ~ despite the fact that Mike Jones is going to be there.

You know, the scary thing was that I didn't even realize it was Mother's day.  Further, in the spirit of "aiki" and harmonious marriages everywhere ~ it's probably never a good idea to say something like, "Well, you're not my mother."  (which I did not say, Thank God!).

Perhaps another opportunity to venture to a seminar in Tampa, FL will avail itself on a more "amicable date" in the near future.

In our training session last night in Irmo, Sensei Winfree had me working with one student on the Two Hand Grip from the Rear Throw to the Side, and another student who was working on the Shoulder Throw.  It was a good thing I had my airbag judo gi top!  Lol  

After the session, I was thinking about the Throw to the Front and the Throw to the Side, and remembered a cool Throw to the Front Application Sensei Carter once showed me.  It is intriguing, and it is presented in a way that you might also think of it as a Throw to the Side (because you step to the side as you perform the technique).  See the youtube video on the left.  By the way, this video is done by Gary Boaz ~ who has some really nice aikido videos.

A sneak peak into next week's edition, I'm looking at Leg Sweep Applications, and 2 Hand Lift Up Applications.

Take your mother to Aikido this weekend!  Better than roses ~~~ well let’s not go that far but maybe, just maybe ~ she would enjoy it, and every dojo could benefit from more female students!

Let's meet on the mat together soon!


Jonathan Wilson

Sensei John Carter and me

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Neat little 2 Hand Grip from the Front Throwing Application.  Depending on the day, I can see this as a Backwards Throw to the Front, or a Backwards Throw to the Side application....

(Video link is down)

They call it:  “Ryote Munedori Zemponage”

2014 - 2021

A picture is worth

a thousand words.

Here is the Kenpo Karate version of the Wheel Kick (it does not have to be high to be effective).  Note the straight attack (Lead Jab) ~ lateral blend (referred to as a ‘shuffle angle’) in the picture.  It would be perfect if Nage’s lateral blend had actually taken him past uke’s right shoulder (which it has not).  I think the strike would also be more effective if it targeted the abdominal area.

Due to the faults in stance, and the targeted striking area in the picture above, it appears to me that uke is in perfect position to block nage’s kick with his left hand, and possibly trap it also ~ allowing him to utilize a technique like the Scoop Against the Kick, or possibly even Twist the Ankle Against the Knee.

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