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The Sho-Dan & Future Training

By Jonathan Wilson

I can remember at one point in my preparation for Sho-Dan testing, my wife asked me, “What will you do with all the free time you’ll gain after you complete your test?”  At first I misunderstood the question but I soon realized that like most on the outside and too many on the inside, she believed that my “aikido journey” would cease once I passed my test for sho-dan.  Then I pointed out that it was really just the beginning of a journey (somewhat akin to packing the car in preparation for the journey), and that there would need to be revisions and improvements over a life time (both in understanding of technique, and in the adjustments to the application of technique to adapt to an ever aging body).  

At this point both she and I began to understand the nature of my fascination with aikido.  It should be a life long study.  So first and foremost, after you are promoted, you keep coming because you’re just sort of just beginning to scratch the surface of your understanding.

Plan to continue your training.....


What say ye?

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“Are We There Yet?”

Answer: “NO!  Keep Training.”

Mr. Mihls to Joe Beckham at his Sho-Dan ceremony:  “Now is where the real training begins.”

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