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Successful Gun Defenses

By Jonathan Wilson

Consider the Jackie Chan/ Chris Rock clip on the left, and note how the position of Chan’s body does not move off line as he executes the takeaway.  In my mind there is a high probability that he gets shot in his upper left chest, or left arm if the gun were to discharge.  Of course, this is Hollywood, and the gun is not loaded with real bullets,and moving might have messed up the camera angle, etc., so we concede that Hollywood actors are given certain liberties ~ lol ~ but hopefully the point is clear.  To give you the highest probability of success, you’ve got to combine body movement that removes your body from the weapon’s line of site as you perform your disarming technique.

Confused?  Well, maybe if I were more specific.... Consider this scenario.  If the gun is pointed directly at your nose by an attacker standing directly in front of you, the first thing you need to do is move your nose (head, et al) out of the line of site of the weapon!  If you don’t do that, it might not matter how good the technique is that follows.

Without an evasive movement, the speed of the bullet will most likely beat the speed of the technique; especially if the attacker has his finger on the trigger.  

Stated in another way, assuming that the attacker has his finger on the trigger, and the safety off (and why would we not assume that?), as you affect the takeaway, the gun will fire.  Moving the gun off line may not enough in and of itself.  It may make sense to endeavor to move our body off line also.  

One other point:  In the real world, it would be preferred to NOT let your attacker get the drop on you.  In other words, why wait for the attacker to raise his gun up to your nose before you respond?  There is certainly some merit in attacking the hand holding the gun the moment you see the gun, and before the attacker is able to target you.  

* Check with your Sensei before you employee this idea on a test.  He might very well want to see you respond when the attacker has the drop on you.



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The speed is fantastic, but is it faster than a bullet?

~ I’m not so sure.  Adding off line movement with technique should provide a more consistent result, and with a gun takeaway attempt, you will probably only get one chance.  Put all the odds in your favor and move your body too.

If possible, do NOT let the attacker raise his weapon!

Here is a video by Sensei Carter on Gun Defenses ~ Note how moving the body offline is combined with speed to perform a sound takeaway.  All of Sensie Carter’s gun takeaways have the body movement component to them.

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